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I need some help with calculating percent yield and percent purity of aspirin.

Here's my data (questions follow):

Mass of salicylic acid.., 2.0 g
Volume of acetic anhydride.., 5 mL
Mass of watch glass.., 22.10 g
Mass of aspirin and watch glass.., 28.01 g
Mass of aspirin.., 5.91 g

Mass of aspirin.., 0.34 g
Concentration of NaOH.., 0.1 M
Initial buret reading.., 0 mL
Final buret reading.., 15.8 mL
Volume of NaOH used.., 15.8 mL
Number of moles of NaOH required.., 1.60 x10^-3 mol

1. Calculate your mass percent yield of aspirin.

(actual yield, g/theoretical yield, g) x 100

Not sure what numbers I'd use here...

2. Calculate the percent purity of your aspirin.

(mass of aspirin, g (titration)/mass of aspirin, g (synthesis)) x 100

(0.34 g/5.91 g) x 100 = 5.8%

I'm pretty sure that's right, but not completely.

patience. Answered below on the original post.

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