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Posted by jas20 on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 3:35am.

I need help if someone can show me the steps to these 2 problems.

Problem #1

Use the properties for radicals to simplify each of the following expressions. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers.

radical and inside of the radical theres a fraction that reads

Problem #2
Simplify by combining like terms.
radical 63 minus 2radical 28+5radical 7

On the first, remember that x cubed is x squared times x.

you have a principle that says

sqrt (a^n * a) = a^(n/2) sqrt a

so bring the x squared out as x.

I cant follow the second.

Here is a good way to print radicals:

to get the √ sign, hold down the ALT key while you press 251 on the number pad, then release the ALT key.

I interpret your second question this way:

you can only add or subtract like radicals, so in these kind of question they most likely want you to change them all to the same kind of radical.
Look for the lowest radical, usually the others can be changed to that.

hint: isn't 63 = 9*7 and 28=4*7 ???

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