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2- at sea level the air temperature is 80 degree F. this air reaches the dewpoint at 6,000’. The air continues to rise, pushed up by trade winds, over a mountain that is 12,000’ high. If the dry adiabatic rate is 5.5 degree F/ 1000’ and the wet adiabatic rate is 3.2 degree F/1000’ , there is no dew point lapse rate and do not use the snow rate,
a- what is the dew point temperature?
b- what will the temperature be at the top of the Mountain?
c- if the air descends back to sea level on the leeward side, what would the temperature be?
d- why is the air warmer at sea level on the leeward side than it was to begin with on the windward side?

This is really an earth science or meteorology question.

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