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I would like to know does this statement makes a good hypothesis for my paper(or)can someone give me some type of insight on how to word it correctly. "My paper will prove that homosexuality is a phenomenon that maybe due to biological factors, enviromental infulences or a combination of both".

I'm a biology and physcology major and yes that is a good hypothesis.

How can a hypothesis include the word "maybe"? A hypothesis is supposed to be a verifiable, testable statement. If the word "maybe" is included, it cannot be proven nor tested.

Maybe the Earth was created in seven days, and maybe it rained forty days and nights, and maybe we all go to Heaven. Those are not verifiable nor testable statements, and cannot be part of a scientific hypothesis. Either we is, or we aren't, it is, or it is not.

That is a good hypothesis for the paper that you have to write.

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