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Posted by unknown on Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 12:15pm.

A titration was performed on 50.0 ml of .250 M NaOH. After the addition of 71.4 ml of HCl,the phenolphthalein indicator changed from pink to colorless. What was the concentration of the HCl? im not sure how to figure this one out but here goes
that was my best shot

I don't know what you did and since you didn't explain the steps you took OR use any units, I'm clueless.
Here is how you do it.
mols NaOH = mols HCl
M x mL = M x mL
0.250 M x 50 mL = M x 71.4 mL
Solve for M HCl.

Im sorry, that was very stupid of me for not explaining anything. Is this right?
0.250 M x 50 mL= 12.5ml
12.5 M x 71.4ml= 893

no if I solve for m I would have to

0.250 M x 50 mL = M x 71.4 mL

right number, wrong unit.
You are solving for M so M = 0.175M

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