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Can anyone comment as to wether this solution is correct for this question please !!

Draw a mating diagram where L is the dominant gene for the digestion of lactose and shows the crosses between two heterozygotes and wiht the the phenotypic and genotypic ratio of the offspring in the F1 generation.

I also need to know the phenotypic prportions of the offspring of another cross between a person with lactose intolerance and one who is heterozyous.

Heterozygote (both male and female) Lactose tolerant
Male L l gametes


L l gametes

  • Genetics/biology -

    3:1 Tolerant/Intolerant - Phenotypic
    1:2:1 LL/Ll/ll - Genotypic

    1:3 Tolerant/Intolerant - Phenotypic
    1:3 Ll/ll - Genotypic

    Can't help with the diagram. Google: "punnit square definition"

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