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Please could someone help me been trying to make sense of a question in my assignment, really struggling at the moment.

question is

Gametes are produced in the process of meiosis. In humans, one pair of autosmes (chromosome 4) has a short arm and a long arm. On the short arm is a gene for Huntington disease (H) and on the long arm is a gene for red hair (R).

Draw a labelled diagram to show the chromatids of a diploid cell at the end of anaphase 1 of meiosis, for a person who is heterozygous for both characters.

I have a sketch of my pair autosomes but I am not sure whether both are labelled H and R or H
and R on one and h and r on other. I also have produce a second diagram to show product cells derived from this cell at telophase II asssuming there is no crossing over. Finally I have to state what diifferences there would be in the product cells at telophase II if
there had been a crossing over at a position halfway betwwen the Huntingdon disease gene and the centromere.

I am really desparate to understand this, if someone could just talk me through it I would be so very very grateful.

both capital letters of H and R are duplicated on one chromosome and lower case on the other - this is before crossing over occurs at prosphase 1

Thank you

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