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I am studying science at GCSE. I a working through a revision book and have come across a question which i am unsure of the answer. The question is, "state the number of different elements present in C6H5CO2Na."
The answer i have is 14 but still i am unsure. Please could anyone help me.

It is the elements themselves, not the amount of elements I believe. So it should be C, H, C, O and Na. The numbers represent how many atoms of the elements there are. Hope this helps!

Thank you for that, i now know that there are 4 elements.

what is a igneous formed by?

Igneous rocks are formed either underground or above ground. Underground, they are formed when the melted rock, called magma, deep within the earth becomes trapped in small pockets. As these pockets of magma cool slowly underground, the magma becomes an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are also formed when volcanoes erupt, causing the magma to rise above the earth's surface. When magma appears above the earth, it is called lava. Igneous rocks are formed as the lava cools above ground.

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