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Homework Help: math,correction

Posted by jasort20 on Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 1:41am.

Problem #1

subtract. Express your answer in simplest form

(3x)/(18) minus (x)/(18)

MY steps:
(3x-x)/(18) = (2x)/(18)
and answer:

Problem #18

write in simplest form.


My steps:

(3)/(15) = .60
x^5-12 = x^-7

so my answer is: .60x^-7

Problem #21

Add. express your answer in simplest form.

(x)/(6) + (3x)/(6)

= (x+3x)/(6)
my answer= (4x)/(6)

#1 : Yes, but one more step. You can take the 2 and the 18 and figure out how to reduce those. So it would be 1x/9 (Or just x/9)

#2: 3/15 = .2 On a technical level, .2x^-7 would be a correct answer. But not in its simplest form. 1/5 is the same as 3/15, so we can write it like:


#3 One more step. What can you do with the 4 and 6? (Clue: Look at my reply to question #1 above)

my question is how is the answer


if the exponent is a negative 7? and you have it as a positive 7

and for problem # 3

would then the last step be:


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