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how do i solve proportions??? please help!! And how do i kno what corrisponding sides are???

To solve a proportion, use cross products.

For example, the proportion = can be solved as follows:

= Write the original proportion.
50 n = 3 180 Find the cross products.
50n = 540 Multiply.
= Divide both sides by 50 to find n.
n = 10.8 Simplify.

for corrisponding sides they are proportinal like a triangle sides are 2,4 and 2 and the bigger one 4,8, and 4 you know they're proportinial because the first ones are divisable just like the second and third.


I wrote something out on paint so that I could explain it better.

Just go to tiny pic dot c0m
and after the c0m write:


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