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Posted by jasort20 on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 2:55am.

can someone show me these steps with the division like

1 which would mean half. the following though. so i can see it.


--- + 1
1 - (4)/(x-5)

Get least common denominator.
For top part, the LCD is x-5. So the 1 becomes (x-5)/(x-5). Thus the top becomes (3 + x - 5)/(x - 5). This simplifies to (x-2)/(x-5).

Now do the bottom. The LCD is x-5. So the 1 becomes (x-5)/(x-5). So, the whole bottom part becomes (x-5-4)/(x-5).
This simplifies to (x-9)/(x-5).

Now you have complex fraction, where the top is: (x-2)/(x-5); and the bottom is (x-9)/(x-5). The (x-5)'s cancel, so you're left with:


I got the same answer. Hope I didn't make a mistake.

The top part, however, is not 1/2. It is 2.


Just to make sure, I added a random # in for x (7)

Both answers came to -2.5


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