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Sodium cyanide NaCN is a solid which melts at 564C to give a liquid that conducts electricity, It also dissolves in water to give a conduction solution.

Deduce the type of bonding that holds the compound together and why?

Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs when NaCN dissolves in H2O

NaCN + H2O ==> Na^+(aq) + CN^-(aq)
It also hydrolyzes,
NaCN + H2O ==> NaOH + HCN is the molecular equation. It's the CN^- that hydrolyzes, and the net ionic equation is CN^- + HOH ==> HCN + OH^-

I have answered this same question for others but my answer was somewhat different BECAUSE not all of the problem was stated the same.

Thank you very much.

I don't get what the bond of this compound is and why it is so.

The bond between Na and CN is ionic (at least polar covalent) since the molten solid conducts electricity AND the aqueous solution conducts electricity. The bond between C and N is covalent.

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