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basic geometric

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The width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters less than the lenght. The perimeter is 64 centimeteres . would you please help me, answer these work. than you.

L = length
W = width
eqn 1:
2L + 2W = perimeter = 64 cm

eqn 2:
W+6cm = L
Solve the two equations simultaneously for W and L.
Post your work if you get stuck.

Well I don't know How to get it if I have to multiply or od i 2L + 2w what do I do I' m sorry but have so much trouble do in these work

You need to read your text or your notes on how to solve simultaneous equations. Basically, you solve for L in terms of W to eliminate one of the unknowns, then solve for that unknown.

well i only have the the question and that it these is what is in the book . Two angles of a triangle are 40 degrees and 62 degrees; what is the third angle's measure?

the width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters than the length . the perimeter is 64 centimeters . zI soryy but that's all i have in my book.

2L + 2W = 64cm

W + 6cm = L

substitue the value of L back into the first formula.

2(W + 6cm)+ 2W = 64cm
2W + 12cm + 2W = 64cm
4W + 12cm = 64cm
4W = 64cm - 12cm
4W = 52cm
W = 52cm/4
W= 13cm

therefore L = W + 6cm

substitue the value of W into the equation above to find the value of L.

L = 13cm + 6cm
L = 19cm

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