March 28, 2015

Homework Help: Polynomiials

Posted by raven 31791 on Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 11:50am.

Find a polynomial function with real coefficients that has the given numbers as roots: 4, 0, 3, italic i

a)x^4-4x^3 +9x^2-36x

b)x^3-4x^2 -3x+12

c)x^3-4x^2 +3x-12

d)4x-4x^3 -9x^2 +36x

My gut instinct is either b or c but I could be wrong.

If it were b or c, x=0 would not work.
a and d do not work with x = i.

None of those choices have all of those four solutions. A polynomial that works is

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