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The spring constant of a toy dart gun is 4442 N=m. To cock the gun the spring is compressed 1.5 cm. The 8 g dart, fired straight upward, reaches a maximum height of 26 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 :
Determine the magnitude of the energy dissipated by air friction during the dart's ascent.Answer in units of J.

The stored potential enery in the spring is (1/2)kX^2 = 0.50 J
At the top of the trajectory, the potential energy will have increased by M g H = (0.008 kg)(9.81 m/s^2)(26 m) = 2.04 J
Something is wrong with the numbers you have provided. The dart could not have gone that high without violating the conservation of energy law.

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