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when working in notepad, i need to use pop-up boxes (alert, confirm,etc). When a user presses ok more boxes come up. however if the user presses cancel i want them to go back to the homepage (thus stopping the other boxes from coming up). how do i do that?

This is hard to answer without typing out the entire code for you.

What I would do is have the confirm box come up. Then an "if" statement.

If (input_box==true)
Code for your new input box

If you don't declare anything for "cancel," it will just go back to the last page and stop the cycle.

Now, if that helped, typed something up. If it doesn't work, let me know. We'll see what we can do. I don't know how well HTML, JavaScript, etc. will post in here. Here's a test. If this comes up as text, great. If it comes up as a red x, we might be out of luck communicating this easily.

<IMG SRC="nuthin">

Cool. It all showed up. So try posting your code. If it comes up, great.


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