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Can someone please help me balance this equation?

CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + H20

Thank you!

CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + H2O
To balance the H, put a two on the right.
CH3OH + O2 ===> CO2 + 2H20
H and C are now balanced. O is balanced.
Too easy.

Are you sure that's right? We got an answer key with the problems and it says the answer is: 2CH3OH + 302 ==> 2CO2 + 4H20

I just don't know how to get to that.

Actually, I think yours is right.

The key is right.
Two C on left and right.
8H on left and 8 on right.
8 O on left and 8 on right.

So are they both right?

Oh, sorry my name changed. I'm on my sister's computer.

Do they both add up> Count the atoms on each side. Then you will know the answer to your question.

okay thanks

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