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Homework Help: Physics

Posted by Jessica on Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 10:34am.

Which electromagnetic radiation:
a)will diffract round hills
b) can be used to cook food
c)can themometers detect
d)cause skin cancer
e)is ued when taking a photograph with an ordinary camera


I will be happy to critique your thoughts. Some have multiple answers, although the teacher may not realize that. Choose from among the following:
infrared, visible, radio (VLF), microwave, ultraviolet, xray and gamma ray

I just found some of the answers out- which I didn't know before, and I have found I don't know some of the other ones, could you tell me if the answers are wrong or right? and if you could help me with the answers I don't know, that would be great-
will diffract around hills - ??
give people a sun-tan- ultraviolet
can be used to coock food- Infrared
Can themometers detect- Infrared
Can cause skin cancer- Ultra violet
Used when taking a photograph with an ordinary camera- ??
Causes Ionisation- ??


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