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Geometry. The volume of the box is represented by (x^2+5x+6)(x+5). Find the polynomial that represents the area of the bottom of the box.

the diagram has the height being x+2

My answer is: A=(x+5)(x+3)

Multiply the following fractions

(2x^2-x-3)/(3x^2+7x+4) TIMES (3x^2-11x-20)/(4x^2-9)

My answer is: (x-5)/(2x+3)

Divide the following fractions

(2m^2-5m-7)/(4m^2-9) divided by (5m^2+5m)/(2m^2+3m)

My answer is: (2m-7)/5(2m-3)

Looks OK!

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