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A can of sardines is made to move along an x axis from x1 = 0.2 m to x2 = 1.2 m by a force given by F = iF0exp(-0.4x), with x in meters and F0 = 4.5 N. (Here exp is the exponential function.) How much work is done on the can by the force?

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* Physics/Math - drwls, Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 2:43am

Work is the integral of force x distance.
In this case,
W = (Integral)4.5 exp(-0.4x)dx
= 4.5/(-0.4)[exp(-0.4*1.2) - exp(-0.4*0.2)]

Ok, so according to this W = 36.97 J

This, however, is the wrong answer. Did I do something wrong in my calculations???

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