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Posted by Confizzled on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 5:55pm.

Mkay, I have a five paragraph essay due by tommorow.
Its to be an example essay, but I don't have a idea OR a plan on what to write.

I am confused {confuzzled} and am looking for a fairly easy example essay to write.
I will need to use the Seven Sentence Skeleton which is this:
1st intro sentence:
1st Body paragraph sentence:
2nd nody paragraph sentence:
3rd BP:
Restatement of the thesis:
Final sentence:

I will need to use transitions and I would love good idea on an eye catching topic.
Please and THANKS.

(Broken Link Removed) (Be sure to scroll down for topic suggestions.)
from (Broken Link Removed)


It's always better to dig deep into your brain and come up with your own ideas. This will prepare you for the future. People won't always be there to help, and doing stuff on your own is a good habbit to get into.

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