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Homework Help: Geometery

Posted by Hayley on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 2:49pm.

How do I solve this?

On my assignment it says find the area
inside the square, but outside the circle, given that the radius of the
circle is 2 ft. Use 3.14 for ^

I have a picture of a square with a circle in the square, with a base 6 ft. and height 6 ft.

Here are the choices for me to mark
my answer and I can't even solve it.

A. 23.44 ft^
B. 29.72 ft^
C. 32 ft^
D. 32.86 ft.^ (The symbol ^ means 2)

Thank you for your help!
Have a blessed day!!

i think its A

find the area of the circle (pi)(r^2)
then the area of the square (6)(6)
circle area = 12.56
square area = 36
36 - 12.56 = 23.44

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