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Posted by kln on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 3:01am.

can someone help me add on or correct what i have.

I have to pick from these four categories that a juvenile could fall under if an action is being made. I am putting the letters that i think fall under each action. There could be multiple for the categories and actions.

categories are:
a)Status offense
b)non-violent delinquency
c)violent offense
d)serious offense

8)auto theft:A,C, and D
9)aggravated assault:C and D
10)smoking cigarettes:A
11)Drive-by shooting:C
12)truancy: A
13)graffiti: A
14)robbery: C

How is auto theft a status or violent offense? Could truancy and graffiti also be non-violent delinquency?

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