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Posted by Jean on Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 4:04pm.

What are some words to describe the tone of an author's diction?

This list comes that an AP English teacher in Raleigh, NC gave her students.

angry, sharp, upset, silly boring, afraid, happy, hollow, joyful, sad, cold, urgent, joking, poignant, detached, confused, childish, peaceful, sentimental, fanciful, complimentary, condescending, sympathetic, contemptuous, apologetic, humorous, horrific, allusive, sweet, vexed, tired, bitter, dreamy, restrained, proud, dramatic, mocking, objective, vibrant, frivolous, audacious, shocking, somber, giddy, provocative, sarcastic, nostalgic, zealous, irreverent, benevolent, seductive, candid, pitiful, didactic.

Correction (I should learn to proofread before I post<g>):

These words come from a lst that an AP English teacher in Raleigh, NC, gave her students.

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