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Cross-Cultural Art Project

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Have fun.


Hi everyone,

My art class is studying artwork from around the world, and as part of our midterm projects we have to research a particular artist who represents one of the cultures we have studied. Each student was randomly assigned a country or culture and a significant artist from that culture. I've been assigned to research a Mexican-American artist by the name of Jhonen Vasquez, but I can't find any information on him or his work. Could someone please point me in the right direction and tell me a little bit about Vasquez' work and how it represents Mexican culture?


What kind of a sick link is this? Did you even look at the material you linked to? Much of it is obscene, vile-looking, and outright satanic. Some of these sites even have extreme profanity on them. I'm really shocked that a so-called "teacher" would link students to something like this.

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