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i need help completing these tasks...can u guys offer help on each of these taskS? thanks...

task 1: describe how key aims and objectives for Nike may be achieved by promotional activity..

task1A: explain how the promotional aspect of the marketing mix facilitates the achievement of business aims and objectives..

task2: describe the distinctive contribution of advertising agencies and media towards the promotional success of a selected product.

task2A: explain the relative merits of using professional advertising agencies in ensuring the promotional success of a selected product..

task3: design a promotional campaign for a given product to meet the needs of a given campaign/creative brief

task3A: provide a rationale for a promotional campaign and make recommendations for possible improvement...

task4: evaluating the effectives of a promotional campaign in contribution to the achievement of business aims and objectives.. (example campaign)

task5: identify a potential business venture for self-employment, giving reasons for choice.

task 5A:identify and describe an appropriate legal structure together with related sources or finance...

task 6: produce a marketing strategy for a proposed new business venture, identify relevant tactics...

task6A: create a business plan for a potential new venture...

task7: evaluate the viability of a selected business venture as represented by a business plan making recommendations on how this may be strenghthened.

thanks very much

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