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Homework Help: poetry question

Posted by cameron on Monday, February 26, 2007 at 8:26am.

Hello for this poem for this question which one is correct:
"The child is father of the man." What does this mean?
The best fathers are immature.
If one can't be a father he can never have a child.
Our attitudes and beliefs as children stay with us throughout life.
Fathers never should grow old.
Fathers should never abandon childish play

I think the answer is fathers should never abandon childish play, but need to check to see if I am right. Thanks

I would agree with your answer.

IT seems to me that the child is father to the man means the father is the sum of experiences he acquired as a child.

I agree with Bobpursley.


Our attitudes and beliefs as children stay with us throughout life.

I agree totally...I can still hear my grandmother in my head when I do something. <G>

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