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Posted by jas20 on Friday, February 23, 2007 at 1:04am.

about this problem , I figured it out and i did get the answer right except that i had forgotten to make it a negative like this:

directions: subtract

4x-2x^2+4x^3 from 4x^3+x-3x^2


so then it becomes

so then 4x^3 and -4x^3 = cancel out
and -3x^2 - 2x^2 = -x^2
and x - (-4x)=-3x

so the answer is: -x^2-3x

sorry for this part i did a typo:

I said it was this
so then 4x^3 and -4x^3 = cancel out
and -3x^2 - 2x^2 = -x^2
and x - (-4x)=-3x

BUt it should read like this only for this par:
4x^3 and -4x^3 = cancel out
1 + (-4)= -3

therefore the answer is: what i said on the previous message:


4x-2x^2+4x^3 from 4x^3+x-3x^2

-( 4x-2x^2+4x^3)
then changing signs and rearranging terms.

answer after ADDING the above..
-3x - x^2

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