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Transition Math

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Can you help discribe how to do this or what it will look like?

If 25 boys at Central Middle School play basketball and 20 play both soccer and basketball, draw a Venn diagram to represent the soccor and basketball players

first of all, you would draw a venn diagram, which would be two circles overlapping each other so there would be three sections, one, which both circles share and two separate. So then you would have to label all three sections, one for basketball(separate), one for soccer(separate), and one for both. since there would be 20 people who play soccer, you would put down 20 students in the soccer section. you would put 25 in the both section and you would put 45 in the basketball section, since 20+25=45.

how do u write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line passing through the point(1,4) and parallel to the line y=-4x-3

i wasn't reading the ? and i answered it wrong, my fault

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