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Comma Splice

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How do you rewrite the folliwng using a comma splice?
***Dr. Frankenstein flung a power switch, blue streamers of static electricity crackled about the table the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes.

Yoli, comma splices are a grammatical "no-no". We need to get rid of them, not make them.
In that sentence you have a comma separating two independent clauses. That is a comma splice. To get rid of it - do either of the following: put a conjunction before the comma, or change the comma to a semicolon.
In addition, there is another clause in that sentence "the creature gave a grunt and opened smoldering eyes". You will need to punctuate that also.

Yes, indeed. GuruBlue is right. That's a triple run-on! A comma splice and a fused sentence. Wow!

Here are some links to show you how to recognize and fix these things:
Scroll down a bit.


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