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For the reaction: 5A + 3B -> 6C + D, the following data is found:
0.00s .775 M
5.00s .200 M
Find the rate of disappearance of A, the overall rate of reaction, and the reates of disapperance and appearance of B, C, and D.

The answers I got were:
Rate of disapperance of A: -.575 Ms-1
Rate of disapperance of B: -.345 Ms-1
Rate of appearance of C : .690 Ms-1
Rate of appearance of D : .115 Ms-1
Rate of reaction : -.115 Ms-1

When I checked my answers; I got everything right except the rate of reaction for B. Please help! Thanks!

B looks ok to me. Perhaps another tutor will see something we don't see. I wonder if you intended to say all were correct except A.

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