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Homework Help: Algebra 1

Posted by Steve on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 9:26pm.

Simplifying Radicals, Use the quotient property to simplify the expression. 3 times the square root of 6/3

3*sqrt(6/3) is the same thing as saying 3*sqrt(2)

Your problem:
3√(6/3) is the same as 3√6/√3

To rationalize the denominator, multiply both the top and bottom by √3/√3 which is the same as multiplying by 1.

Now we have:
3√6/√3 * √3/√3 = 3√18/√9

√18 can be simplified to √(9*2) = 3√2
√9 = 3

Putting it together:
3*3√2/ 3

Cancel out 3 in both the top and bottom.

You are left with 3√2

I hope this will help.

is that not what i just said without all the words?

Yes, you are correct! Since the question asked to use the quotient property, I just expanded on the problem in a different way.

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