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are the noble gases of
NCCN cyanogen = Argon
HCN hydrogen cyanide = Neon


I don't know how to answer this. There are 10 electrons, all bonding electrons in HCN. In the case of F, for example, we say its ion is isoelectronic with Ne; i.e., there are 10 total electrons for Ne and 10 total electrons for F^-. But HCN has ten electrons involved in bonding which doesn't count the inner electrons in C and N. Same problem(?) with NCCN. Certainly HCN and NCCN are not isoelectronic with Ne and Ar. If we count only bonding electrons in the compounds and ALL the electrons in the noble gas, then HCN is like Ne and NCCN is like Ar. I don't know if this is any help or not but it's the best I can do. I've never heard of comparing COMPOUNDS to noble gases, only elements and/or ions.

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