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Homework Help: chemisrty

Posted by bex on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 11:23am.

which element results if 2 protons and 2 neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus with atomic num 88 and mass num 226

how do i go about this
please can you help

If you can add you can do these.
88Ra226 ==>2X4 + zzYww.

Now make the numbers add. Protons must be conserved. Mass must be conserved.
Protons are the subscripts. Mass is the superscripts. I shall be happy to check your results if you wish.

After you fill in the numbers for zz and ww, you will have the information for determining X and Y. Look on the periodic table for an element with atomic number 2 for X and atomic number zz for Y.

is this right so far

88 Ra 226 ---> 2 He 4 +

im still trying to figure the zz y ww out

right, so far.
Now 88-2=??
Isn't this fun?

well i suppose its fun if i only knew this course lol
here goes
88 Ra 226---> 2 He 4+ 86 Rn 222

is this correct if it is thanks for your help


Of course it's right.
And you can check it to make sure when you finish.
Top numbers: 222 + 4 on the right adds to 226 on the left. Check.
Bottom numbers: 86 + 2 on the right adds to 88 on the left. Check.
And the periodic table tells us element number 86 is Radon, Rn. Check.
Now you do the same thing with the physics problem with Au you posted. Except its a proton (1P) and not an alpha particle (2He)

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