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Posted by Merisa Ann--Desperate for help!! on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 9:23am.

I need help with this problem.

The electricity meter on Donna's house
read 71,236.4 kwh at the beginning of
March and 73,196.2 kwh at the end of
March. She pays 7.4% per kwh.
What is the amount of her electricity
bill for March? Round to the nearest cent.

Do I add the kwh's used and divide 7.4?
Please help. Not sure how to work this,
and round to the nearest cent.

Subtract the initial from the final kwh readings to get the amount consumed for the month: 1958.8 kwh. The cost per kwh is 7.4 cents, NOT 7.4%. (That is a pretty low rate nowadays). The product of the amount consumed and the rate is $145.03 (after converting cents to dollars and rounding to the nearest cent)

which tool should be used to measure the mass of a bag of apples?
inch ruler
produce scale
measuring cup

Take a wild guess. This is not a hard question.

thermometer duh

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