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Web feet is a sex linked characteristic in Dingbats. Female Dingbats are XX and males XY. A webbed male is crossed with a homozygous normal female and the baby Dingbat is a female with normal feet.

Deduce whether the web allele is dominant or recessive.

If their next baby is a male, determine whether it will have web or normal feet.

Assuming that the sex-linked characteristic is on the X chromosome (as almost all of them are), the webbed male must have the gene on its X chromosome. If it is paired with the female's X and has normal feet, the gene must be recessive, otherwise the female offspring would have webbed feet.

Since the female is homozygous for normal feet, she can only contribute X chromomes without the webbed characteristic. I'll let you decide what that means for the male offspring.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Ok.... so that means that the female carries the gene? Which would mean that if a male has that allele, he DEFINITELY has webbed feet. And the female doesn't carry the gene in this case.... which means that the male offspring wouldn't get the webbed characteristic, so he's normal?

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