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intro to Psychology

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I am working on some homework where I have to identify the unconditional stimulus, unconditional response, conditional stimulus, and conditional response. I am finding this very diffucult and didn't know if there was any one out there that could help me. Thanks

Yes, most here can help. Please do not post your real name on the web. Concern for personal safety and identity theft is amongst our greatest priorities. This is a student safe site.

In classical conditioning, the unconditoned stimulus (US) is one which reflexively causes a response. One example is putting something into your mouth causes salivation. In this case, the unconditioned response (UR) is the response to a US presented alone, the salivation.

A conditioned stimulus (CS) originally has little or no effect. Only when the CS is repeatedly paired with a US (or previously learned CS) will it become a CS. A good example is the sound of a cellophane wrapper being opened. Originally it has little or no effect. However, after being repeatedly paired with eating candy or other foods, it alone will produce the conditioned response. The conditioned response (CR) is one given to the CS when presented alone.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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