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A television antenna sits on the roof. Two 78-foot guy wires are positioned on opposite sides of the antenna. The angle of elevation each makes with the the ground is 23 degrees. How far apart are the ends of the two guy wires?
I have no idea where to start from... any help would be great..

You need toraw a figure. This is basic trig.
Draw a vertical straight line respresenting the antenna and a horizontal line atits base representing the flat ground. Draw a slanted line on each side between the ground and the antenna. The slope of each line must be 23 degrees but it does not have to reach the top of the antenna. The distance of each guy wire ground mounting poont from the antenna is 78 cos 23. Double that for the separation of the two ground-based end mounting points

thank you..i just wasn't sure how to draw the picture


    143.6 ft

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