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Posted by Suzi on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 7:56pm.

I need some expertise help to make sure I got the correct answers. Thanks ahead of time.

Next to each of the ten items write STRICT or LIBERAL, depending how the concept relates to the Constitution.

1. State power should be restrained - STRICT?

2. National powers should be limited except for defense. - STRICT?

3. Implied powers should be used often and energetically. - LIBERAL?

4. Narrow, literal interpreataion of the Constitution. - STRICT?

5. National power should be strong and allowed to grow. - LIBERAL?

6. State power should remain strong, and States should keep most power. - STRICT?

7. Use implied powers only when necessary to carry out expressed powers. - STRICT?

Hmm... I agree with 3 and 4. :)

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