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Let f be the frequency, v wav the speed, and T the period of a sinusoidal traveling wave. The correct relationship is:
b)f=vwav + T

My thoughts:
I think the answer is D.Since frequency is equal to T=1/f so f=1/T. Vwav is connected to f by the equation v=lambda* frequency. so together you
so I figured that it would come out to be f=vwav/T

For a transverse wave on a string the strong displacement is described as y(x,t)=f(x-at), where f is a given function and a is a positive constant. Which of the following does not necessarily follow this statement?
a)the shape of the string at time t=o is given by f(x)
b) the shape of the waveform does not change as it moves along a string
c) the waveform moves in the positive x direction
d) the speed of the waveform is a
e) the speed of the waveform is x/t

I think the statement that does not necessarily apply is d. The a in the equation is not refering to the wave speed but to the angular frequency or w based on the equation.

I was told the problem answers were wrong. Could someone please help me on how to go about answering these problems correctly, so I can study how it is done.

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