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Quadratic Equations

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I couldn't find the sets of factors that add up to -13 in this problem. I have to solve this problem by factoring, not anything like the -b/2a or anything. Plz help, anything is greatly appreciated!


Thx for helping ppl!


Couldnt it be anything like 2x+-15x?
or like


You have to find the factors of 1 (coefficient of x^2) and 36 (the constant) that multiply together then add together and make -13. It would work if it were -12 instead, but it's -13. I don't have the answers to this problem, it's off a worksheet so it isn't off of any website. Thx for trying to help me out anyway, Shaydie! U R awesome.


(x - 4)*(x-9)


I got confused while I was figuring out the problem. I wrote it right, but I was trying to figure out what factors of 13 and 36 added up to -13, instead of 1 and 36. I feel so stupid! Anyway, thx for helping, Count Iblis! Happy Valentine's Day

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