February 23, 2017

Homework Help: Please Check My Math Work

Posted by [C]razy Baby.-[iloveyou] (Margie) on Friday, February 9, 2007 at 7:10pm.

Hi. - I solved this problem,but I am not sure if it is correct.If you can please tell me if it is right or if it is wrong what is wrong with it.:

*Many of you may be are wondering why my title is,"[C]razy Baby. - [Iloveyou]"it is becuase of the boy that i love.His name starts with"c" but he doesn't know I love him.

Your answer was wrong.

6y^2-54 = 6(y^2 - 9) = 6(y+3)(y-3)

When you write down an expression like:

try to check what the coefficient of y is. To get something proportional to y you must either take the 3y from the first bracket and multiply that with the 9 from the second bracket or you must take the 2y from the second bracket and multiply that by the -6 from the first bracket.

If you add up the two possibilities you get the total contribution of y. You find that it is 15 y.

I've read on this forum that students are recommended to use the so-called FOIL method, which is just writing down the terms in a certain order. But given that you did not see that your answer was wrong, I think that you should not use such methods.

You should just do excercises until you can look at an equation and just "see" what comes out.

thanks.- can you help me with my other problem.?


0.30 times 79

0.30 times 79

no im sorry

4n + 17 + 50
4n = 33
how do i 'check' this problem?


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