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Quadratic Equations

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Ok, I am supposed to find out what the variables are by factoring and finding square roots. I couldn't find the right factors of a and c that added up to b in the equation (did that make sense?). Please help me find them! TYVM


I know bobpursley helped me with this problem not too long ago, but he asked if it was 6n^2-5n-4, but it isn't. The help with the other problem was great! Plz help, any help is greatly appreciated!

Think. it is what I typed. Rearranging the terms does not change the polynomial. Relook at the solution I presented.

omg how could I be SOOOOOOOOO stupid!!?? I didn't think about rearranging the terms. I can be such an idiot sometimes. Thanks for bearing with my stupidness!!

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