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Posted by **chocolatekisses on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 8:16pm.

Three boxes are connected by cords, one of which (mA) wraps over a pulley having negligible friction on its axle and negligible mass and two boxes (mB & mC) are hanging. The masses are mA = 22.0 kg, mB = 40.0 kg, mC = 16.0 kg.

-When the assembly is released from rest, what is the tension in the cord that connects boxes B and C?
-How far (in meters) does box A move in the first 0.250 s (assuming it does not reach the pulley)?

Write the force equation clockwise being positive.

where total mass is the sum of the three masses. Solve for acceleration.
Tension that connects to B is the same as the tension that is connected to A.


displacement= 1/2 acceleration*time^2

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