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Posted by Kailin on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 6:01pm.

what does it mean religious pluralism and interfaith movement. I have to answer this question.

what effect do you think religious pluralism and the interfaith movement will have on the future organized religion?

they mean having more than one religion and mixing faiths they may cause conflicts in the future

so they just want to know that by mixing religions what will be cause of it in the future.

Religious pluralism means that people of different religions respect and try to understand other religions. The interfaith movement organizes people from different churches, mosques, and synagogues to work together for the good of the community.

Check these sites for more information about religious pluralism.

I disagree with Bob's answer about the future. The goals of religious pluralism and the interfaith movement are to help people be more tolerant and accepting of the religions of others. Meeting these goals should strengthen organized religions. Each person should recognize that his/her religion is the best for him/her, but will respect and cooperate with people of many different religions.

Interfaith is nothing new. Religions have been assimilating practices, and beliefs from other religions and cultures since the beginning of time. This is the way religions change over time, some call it evolution of faith and practices. Many of the things Modern Christians practice, for instance, original Christians never heard of. And vice versa.

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