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Posted by **chocolatekisses on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 5:14pm.

A 35-kg skier skis directly down a frictionless slope angled at 11° to the horizontal. Assume the skier moves in the negative direction of an x axis along the slope. A wind force with component Fx acts on the skier. What is Fx (in N) if the magnitude of the skier's velocity is.. constant? ..increasing at a rate of 1.0 m/s^2? ..increasing at a rate of 2.0 m/s^2?

Writing the sum of the forces down the slope....


In the first part, a=0



and solvee for Fx?

.. as for the increasing rate.. is it telling me that the 1.0m/s2 is added to the gravity of 9.8m/s2?

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