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how to change percentage to numbers

Move the percent sign two places to the left. Add a decimal point there.

Actually, don't move the percent sign at all. Get rid of the percent sign.

Think about what percent means:

Per (each)
Cent (the prefix meaning 100. Century is 100 years)

So .. when you have "per," you divide. So it's basically saying divide by 100.

If you want to change 5% into a number, take 5/100 = .05

If you want to take 542% into a number, take 542 / 100 and get 5.42

Easier way? Brittany was partially right. Just move the decimal place 2 places to the left. But unless you see why you're doing that, it won't make sense :) And be sure to NOT leave the % sign in there.

what is the best meaning of the prefix cent-?

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