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My question is inregards to why is it that all of my questions that i've posted up here in this website and the answers that i've received show up when i search on the internet. For example if i go to the website askjeeves and type in religion my name comes out and as well what i post and what i've gotton responce. why is that i don't mind but why wasn't i asked first if it was okay to place my name. I thought anything that anyone post here stays on the website not outside of it.

I don't know the answer to your question (it's news to me) but I will refer it to the administrator of this site. Perhaps he will know. As to going public with what you post here, let me let you in on a little secret. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING we put on the web is PUBLIC. I can see it, my family can see it, Joe Doaks down the street can see it, the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Canadians, and all others in between can see it. They can copy it, paste it, IM it, email it, edit it, etc etc etc. That is why we must be so careful on the Internet that we don't post identifying information. We don't want ID theft or pedophiles using it.

This site is searchable by Google on the internet. What is posted here is on the internet.

Never post personally identifiable information on the internet.

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