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here is what I got: sqrt (2/10)= sqrt (1/5) sqrt 0.2
* I don't think that it is right but pleasee check it.Thanks

Yes, that is one way you could do it, then simplify further by taking the square root of 0.2, but you are probably supposed to simplify like this:


Rationalize the denominator by multiplying both the top and bottom by √10/√10, which is the same as multiplying by 1.

√2/√10 * √10/√10 = √20/√100

This can be simplified further:

√20 = √(4 * 5) = 2√5
√100 = 10

We end up with: 2√5/10, which can still be simplified to √5/5.

That should be it and is probably what you are supposed to do.

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