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x+1 -x+2 = x+3
____ _____ ____
2 3 4

How do I solve this equations? These are fractions

mi don't know

I'm going to assume your problem is this:

(x+1)/2 - (x+2)/3 = (x+3)/4

...and you are trying to solve for x.

If so, here's how you would go about it:

First, get rid of the fractions. Let's multiply every term by 12.

12 [(x+1)/2 - (x+2)/3 = (x+3)/4]

6(x+1) - 4(x+2) = 3(x+3)

This is now easier to solve for x.

Working this out:

6x + 6 - 4x - 8 = 3x + 9

2x - 2 = 3x + 9

-11 = x

Substitute -11 for x in the original equation to check. It always helps to check your work!

I hope this helps and is what you were asking.

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